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The Evolution of the Mercedes C Class

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Are you thinking of taking on a Mercedes C Class lease? Since 1993, the C Class has been a top-rated luxury sedan on the market. Let’s take a look at its beginnings and where it has ended up today.

The Early Years

Mercedes was ready to break into the compact car market, something new to the brand. In 1982, it released the Mercedes-Benz 190. This precursor to the modern day C Class boasted good sales numbers in Europe, but failed to take off in the United States. Produced ended in 1993 when Mercedes and AMG came together to create the C Class.

The W202 Years: 1993-2000

Design work on the original C Class began in 1987, with the finalized version completed in 1989. It was the first time that Mercedes and AMG had partnered on a model car. Olivier Boulay completed the production design in 1990 and it was patented by the end of the year. The 1994 model was finally released as the W202. Close to 2 million models were produced.

When it was released, the C Class was the only Mercedes to have multi-valve engines. In 1995, a turbodiesel engine was introduced for some models and had 190 hp. By 1997, the W202 had improved fuel economy and better emission grades.

The final model year for the W202 C Class model was in 2000.

The W203 Years: 2000-2007

Testing of the W203 model began in 1997, with the second generation C Class making its debut in early 2000.

This new variant came in three body styles: Sedan, Coupe and Hatchback. All of them featured a 1.8 litre engine, direct fuel injection and turbochargers. These model years also featured new technological changes including upgrades to airbags, multifunctional steering wheels and double headlamps.

In 2004, the SportsCoupe was discontinued in the United States and Canada and the remaining models received a facelift. A sporty suspension system and a supercharged engine upgrade made the C Class louder and quicker than ever.

The W204 Years: 2007-2014

The third-generation saw a sedan, station wagon and coupe model. It also quickly became the second best-selling luxury car in North America, just behind the BMW 3 Series. In fact, Mercedes sold over 2.4 million W204 models, making it the brand’s best-selling car.

The body style was reworked, and even more upgrades were made to the performance aspect s of the car. The W204 came in four trim options and for the first time the interior featured an LCD screen.

In 2007, Top Gear Magazine named it “Executive Car of the Year.”

The Current Generation of the Mercedes C Class

The W205 is the latest and greatest version of the C Class, and the 2017 model is hotly anticipated by drivers around the United States.

With a panorama roof, sport styling and multiple upgrades in both performance, safety and design, the C Class is continuing its reputation of being one of the best luxury models in today’s market.

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