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Don’t Trade in Your Car!

Transfer it!

Save Thousands versus traditional trade in methods
  • Transferring your lease to another person ends all liability!
  • Never have negative equity in your leases again!
  • Find a new lease buyer for your car quickly!
  • Let the bank do most of the work!
  • Early lease exit’s are bank approved!
  • Turn in fees are waived!
  • Residual Value is waived!
  • All remaining payments end immediately!
  • I got an BMW 340i but i really wanted an M3. BMW was easy to work with to transfer it to my new buyer.Victor E.
  • My wife didn’t like the NX300 lexus we got, so 3 months in I wanted to trade it. Lease transfer was a better cost effective option. I saved alot. Thank you team dsr.John P.
  • Found someone to take my car in 10 days, got 7 emails. it was a bidding war for my lease car. pretty sweet.Sidarth M.
  • I never knew I could end my lease without trading it in. The dealer wanted to add $200 to my new car payment if they ended my lease early. I posted my car for transfer and in 5 days I had someone to take over my lease. Only $250 transfer fee to BMW Financial and I gave my new buyer the keys! Thank you!Kelly B.
  • I transferred my lease with 20 payments left to go!Shawn K.
Take Over a Lease

Or List Yours Today!

Most banks & leasing companies allow a vehicle lease to be transferred to a new credit qualified buyer / lessee.

Prospective buyers out of the area may purchase a safety inspection at your local authorized dealer instead of test driving your car. Team DSR can assist with this, just give us a call.

Balance of payments, security deposit, lease end fees and buyout option become the new buyer / lessee’s responsibility.

Lease transfers happen quickly within 72 hours, please have all keys, books, valid registration & service records available.

Security deposits paid to original dealer are also transferred to the next buyer / lessee and paid at the end of the original lease maturity date, make sure to collect your security deposit upfront if you’re seeking a reimbursement from the new buyer.

Any incentive paid to the next lessee, should only be done so when your bank has confirmed the transferred new ownership is complete.

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